2017. március 8., szerda

SilverLine River Cruises

Danube Rive Cruise - you can not miss during Hungarian vacation

When you travel to Budapest, Szentendre must be one of the sightseeing spots on you bucket list. 

By the SilverLine Danube river cruise, you can visit to this beautiful and unique little city. 
Szentendre is not far from Budapest, but its worth to see by a Danube river cruise, because  Szentendre is one of the most famous ancient town in Hungary.

This charming little town is known for its well-preserved buildings. The location was largely uninhabited until Magyars arrived in the X century, but had been entirely depopulated during the Ottoman conquest of Hungary in the XVI century. After the Ottomans were expelled from the area, foreign settlers moved to the settlement. Today evidence of the town's prosperity in this time can be seen in the baroque style of the houses.

During a Danube river cruise to Szentendre, you can see the wonderful Danube Bend, what panorama was added to the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. 

According to their justification, the banks of the Danube at Szentendre also illustrate the various periods of the capital's history.

Don't miss this chance to discover the romantic and lovely Szentendre. 

The SilverLine Danube River Cruise offer you wonderful experiences. 

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Join to us with a great Budapest river cruise and get a special afternoon during your Hungarian vacation.